Retargeting Shopify Abandoned Cart Customers

How to Re-target a Customer Who
Has Abandoned a Shopify Cart

Click through the steps to see how you can set up a workflow to Re-target a customer who has abandoned their cart within your Shopify store.

Step One

Inside of your Sendlane account, jump over to the Automations tab within the left hand column.

  • Click Add Automation
  • Start from scratch
  • Select Workflow and choose the Abandoned Checkout option from the drop-down when asked how this Workflow should start.

Step Two

Choose the timing you want to use to trigger your abandoned cart workflow

Step Three

Next you will want to name your automation.

  • Add a Send Email action
  • Click the ‘Select an Email’ drop down to create a new email

Step Four

When you add a button within your email, Sendlane will populate your dynamic Shopify Abandoned Cart link into the button, so anyone that clicks will be re-directed to the cart they abandoned in your store.

From there, you can finish creating your Workflow.

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