Best Practices for Holiday Sending


Sending close to and on holidays like Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, and other sales oriented holidays requires careful attention and targeting. Read on to learn Sendlane's best practices for sending during holidays, and make sure to check out Sendlane's marketing experts' guide to BFCM!

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Prepare Content in Advance

Carefully constructing content in advance of holidays can help ensure your calls to action lead to as many happy customers as possible. Check out the following guides to preparing content for smooth holiday sending:

Use Segments to Target Sends

Segmentation is critical for holiday sending because, on these higher volume sending days, inbox providers are working overtime to protect their users' inboxes from unwanted email.

Read our guide to advanced segmentation and create the suggested Segments if you haven't already, and consider the following practices:

  • Offer your Segment of all time non-purchasers a special offer
  • Target new subscribers who are engaged with your content but haven't yet made a purchase by creating a Segment like the following:
    • Subscription date is during the timeframe that makes up the current holiday season, AND
    • Clicked > Recent > X > Days, OR
    • Opened > Recent > X > Days, AND
    • eCommerce integration > Store > order > Fulfilled (or the order status your store uses to indicate a completed order) > Does Not Exist

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Use Automations to Update Contact Profiles

Holiday activity can be a valuable predictor of future behavior, and Automations are here to help you add this data to Contact profiles.

Use the Update Contact Profile action in an Automation to add a Tag with purchase preferences to the profiles of Contacts who purchase during your holiday season.

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