Dashboard Overview

Your Sendlane Dashboard is a great way to view all activity in your account all in one place! 

This article will explain each area of your dashboard and what the information means, including:

Daily Digest & Activity

The Daily Digest is a great way to see a quick overview of your entire account. The information here refreshes daily at midnight EST, regardless of the time zone your account is set in.

Contact Growth & Activity

With the Contacts section, you can quickly and easily see how many new contacts have been added to your Sendlane account in a given time period, as well as how many have either unsubscribed, or been removed. Plus, you'll also see a breakdown of which domains are most common in your audience, and how contacts were collected!

The default view is 7 Days, but the dropdown allows you to select 1 Month, 3 Months, 1 Year, and 5 Years as well, and each view allows you to see the last 7 data points. 

Plus, you can hover over each individual point to see the exact number of contacts added.


When you're able to see which time period has the highest influx of new contacts, you can identify and leverage your most effective opt-in strategies to continue growing your list with even more new contacts!


With the  Revenue graph, you can get a birds-eye view of engagement for all of your messages (both Automations and Campaigns), as well as the revenue earned from them.

As with the Audience Growth section, the default view here is 7 Days, and includes the previous 7 data points, but you can also choose 1 Month, 3 Months, 1 Year or 5 Years as well.

If you hover over either the blue or pink portion of a bar in the graph it will allow you to view the growth based off the automation (blue) or campaign (pink).


When you're able to see which messages have the highest revenue and engagement, you can uncover which strategies work best for your audience and leverage those more effectively to boost your engagement and ROI!


Here you can connect your eCommerce Store or see your Store that is already connected.

Once your eCommerce store is integrated you will be able to view your integration revenue, store revenue, and revenue source.

As with the Audience Growth and Revenue sections, the default view here is 7 Days, but you can also choose 1 Month, 3 Months, 1 Year or 5 Years as well.


With the Deliverability Rate chart, you will be able to view the deliverability on your campaigns and automations! Here you can also see how many spam complaints and bounces you've had during the chosen timeframe.

Latest Campaigns

With the  Latest Campaigns section, you'll see a "quick look" version of your Campaigns page with the last 5 emails sent from your account.

Here, you're able to easily see the open rate, click rate, and revenue (if any) of each campaign. 

Please Note

Email delivery times vary for each unique user based on the server that we send to as well as that contacts spam filter.

We usually recommend waiting 24 hours before checking reports for sent campaigns. This also gives for your contacts to open the emails!


When you have visibility into the performance of your most recent campaigns, you'll be fully in-the-know about how well your one-time sends are working, and either reassess and adjust, or maintain your strategy as needed!


Here you are able to view your Top 5 Automations, including the number of times the automation is triggered, how many contacts are currently active within the automation, how many contacts have completed the automation, the open rate, click rate, and revenue (if any) of each automation.


Here you are able to view your Top 5 Pop-ups in your account. This will allow you to see how many impressions and submissions along with the conversions rate of those forms.

Site Tracking

This is a quick view of your top 5 Beacon events. In order for Site Tracking to work you will need to have Beacon set up. 

Additional Sendlane Resources

If you have any other questions about your Dashboard, get in touch with our team of email marketing automation experts right here!

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