How to Integrate Textiful and Sendlane

Textiful is an easy-to-use data collection tool that uses the power of text messaging to collect email addresses for new leads.

Using Textiful and Sendlane, you can collect emails through a keyword text messaging campaign. These collected email addresses can then be seamlessly transferred to your Sendlane list of choice. 

Plus, you can also add Tags to your new contacts, and employ Custom Fields to populate specific areas of their customer profile.

Before Getting Started

Prior to connecting with Sendlane, you'll need an active Textiful account.

Please have your Sendlane API Key, Hash Key and Subdomain ready as well. These can be found in your Sendlane account under Account → API.

Last (but not least) be sure you have created a list inside of your Sendlane account, so Textiful knows where to place your new leads and contacts!

Connecting Textiful and Sendlane

  1. From your Textiful homepage, click Create New Campaign and select either Create a Blank Campaign or Use a Campaign Starter Recipe. If you choose to "Use a Campaign Starter Recipe", make sure to select one that collects the Email Address.
  2. Enter a keyword and click Create Keyword
  3. Click Add Data Capture Message, make sure you select Email Address. You can capture other data if you like. If you chose "Use a Campaign Starter Recipe" at the beginning, the system will create these boxes for you. Please click on each box and modify the text as needed.
  4. Click Add Actions & Integrations
  5. Select Email Platform Integrations
  6. Select Sendlane from the list of integrations

  7. Enter your API/Hash Keys and Sendlane Subdomain, then click Update & Save
  8. Select the List in Sendlane with which you want to integrate, along with any tags, and Update & Save

Your integration is now complete!

Contacts collected by Textiful will now automatically sync with your List in Sendlane!


This integration is native to Textiful, so we're only able to provide limited troubleshooting support. However, if you do need help, the Textiful team is just a few clicks away!

Additional Textiful Resources

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Integrating: Create Campaign → Create Keyword → Add Data Capture Message → Add Actions & Integrations → Sendlane → Enter API/Hash Keys, Subdomain → Save → Choose List → Save 

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