How to Find Your API Key, API Hash Key and Subdomain

Using Sendlane's API, you can connect different tools, applications, and platforms to sync data back and forth as needed.

Your API Key, API Hash Key, and Subdomain are unique identifiers, specific to your Sendlane account, that connect both sides of an integration to pass information directly.

  • API Key - a secret key that allows other programs to access API calls
  • Hash Key - another version of your API key with extra added security
  • Subdomain - a unique name (similar to an account number or customer ID) for your Sendlane account 
Please Note

Your Sendlane subdomain is not public to your contacts and cannot be changed.

Plus we'll offer additional resources about our currently available native integrations!

Find Your API Key, API Hash Key, and Subdomain

  1. Navigate to your Account tab and click on API

2. On the API page, you'll see all of these unique identifiers

From here, you can copy and paste your API Key, API Hash Key, and Subdomain and use them as needed to integrate your Sendlane account with your favorite other marketing tools!

Please Note

Some platforms call for the subdomain in format when verifying your Sendlane account details during the integration process. 

If the  subdomain does not work on its own please try this variation as well!

Additional Resources

Planning on integrating Sendlane with another platform? Check out our integration marketplace to see our native integrations!

Don't see your platform listed? We also suggest using third-party platforms, like Zapier to help integrate platforms. 


Account → API

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