How to Integrate Gatsby and Sendlane

Gatsby helps you build real relationships with micro-influencers and grow your brand automatically.

Integrating Gatsby and Sendlane enables you to sync data directly to your contact profiles in Sendlane, so you can send targeted content to your greatest influencers!

Before Getting Started

Please have your Sendlane API Key, Hash Key and Subdomain ready. These can be found in your Sendlane account under Account → Developer.

Integrating Gatsby and Sendlane

  1. From the dashboard in your Gatsby account, hover over the profile box in the lower left corner and select Integrations
  2. Find the Sendlane box and click Connect
  3. Next, enter your API key, Hash key, Subdomain ( and List ID# of the Sendlane List with which you want Gatsby to sync
    Your List ID# will be visible in the URL of the selected List in Sendlane. In the example below, the List ID# is 2
  4. Click Integrate

Your Integration is now complete! Data collected by Gatsby will now be funneled to the contact profiles in your selected List! You can now set up email campaigns to target your influencers, and encourage them to share about your brand on social media.

Please Note: This integration is native to Gatsby, so we're only able to provide limited troubleshooting support. However, if you do need help, the Gatsby team is just a few clicks away!

Additional Gatsby Resources

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Gatsby dashboard →  Integrations → Sendlane → Connect → Enter Sendlane API Key, Hash Key, Subdomain & List ID# → Integrate

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