How to Integrate ClickBank and Sendlane

ClickBank is an eCommerce marketplace that empowers businesses to sell products worldwide!

Clickbank's integration with Sendlane allows you to sync contact information over so you can continue connecting with customers, send automated emails to encourage future purchases, and target cart abandoners to capture lost sales!

🚦 Before Getting Started

  1.  Set up and activate your ClickBank seller account with master access. Affiliate and sub-user accounts cannot be integrated.
  2.  Request single-opt-in status for your Sendlane account from your Customer Success Manager or our 24/7 chat support.
  3. Create two Lists in your Sendlane account: one for all customers and one for abandoned carts.

Generate ClickBank Keys

You'll need the Clerk API and Developer API keys from your ClickBank account to complete the integration process.

Clerk API Key

Log in to your ClickBank account, then click the Users page > Manage Permissions next to the main clerk (user profile)

On the Manage Permissions page:

  1. Copy the API Key
  2. Turn on all API permissions
  3. Turn on all Third Party Integration permissions
  4. Click Save

Developer API Key

To generate a developer API key, go to the Accounts page and click on your store nickname.

On the dashboard page, click Account Settings > scroll down to the Developer API Keys section and click Edit.

Click Create New Developer Key

Enter a description for your developer key, then click Save to generate your key.

Copy your developer key, and you're ready to integrate with Sendlane!

Integrate ClickBank and Sendlane

From your Sendlane dashboard, click the Integrations page > ClickBank > Configure > Create New ClickBank Integration

  1. Enter your ClickBank account's nickname
  2. Paste your clerk and developer API keys in their respective fields
  3. Select a default List for product purchasers
  4. Add an optional rule for adding Contacts to Lists
  5. Select a default List for abandoned checkouts
  6. Click Continue

While your integration is syncing, click Manage to access your ClickBank Site Settings. If Sendlane is the first platform you're integrating with your ClickBank account, the Secret Key field will be blank.

Copy the Instant Notification URL and head back to your ClickBank account.

Go to the Vendor Settings tab of your ClickBank dashboard, then scroll down to Advanced Settings and click Edit.

Paste the instant notification URL from Sendlane in the Instant Notification URL field and click Save Changes.

If the Secret Key field was blank when you checked the ClickBank Site Settings in Sendlane, copy it now. Click  Manage next to your ClickBank integration in Sendlane and paste your secret key in the Secret Key field. Click Save.

Head back to your Advanced Settings (Vendor Settings tab > Advanced Settings > Edit) and click TEST IPN to verify your connection.

Your integration will not be completed until your IPN is verified.

🚨 Important Note

Each process step must be saved by clicking Save or Save Changes. Missing a save button is a common reason IPNs do not verify.

Customers will now sync to your Sendlane account!

Next Steps: Using ClickBank Abandoned Cart

  1. Log in to your ClickBank account.
  2. Inside your ClickBank account, click the Vendor Settings tab.

    3.Click  My Features

    4. Scroll to the Vendor Enabled section and click the "Enabled" checkbox for Cart Abandonment.

Your ClickBank account is now enabled to send abandoned cart emails through this integration! For more information on creating abandoned cart emails, check out our document, Building the Perfect Abandoned Cart Email


Response Code 422

If you are seeing a response code 422 after testing, there is an unsaved step in your integration. Please review all steps, making sure to save at every opportunity. Take extra care to copy and then save your IPN in Sendlane before proceeding to Clickbank to save and then test. 

The integration is connected in Sendlane, but data isn't being passed

Please be sure you've clicked Save in every step on the ClickBank side, and have fully tested and verified your Instant Notification URL. The integration will fail if these pieces aren't fully done!

I do not see my ClickBank customers within Sendlane

If you just completed the integration process, it will take some time for all of that information to sync over. If you visit the ClickBank integration page within your Sendlane account and see that the status still shows  Initializing or Syncing, some information or actions may not be available yet. 

Additional Sendlane Resources

Please reach out to our Support Team with any questions regarding your integration. If you need to get in touch with the ClickBank team, they're just a few clicks away! 

Additional ClickBank Resources

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