Global Suppression List

Contacts request to be removed from all communications and are then added to a Global Suppression List.

Subscribers are added after a complaint, not following an 'Unsubscribe' request. Email address' that bounce back invalid are added to this list as well.

Manually Adding to your Global Suppression List

First, you will want to navigate to the list the contact is currently subscribed to. Once here you can search by email address using the search bar at the top. 

Using the drop-down beside the contacts information, you will have the option to add them to your Global Suppression list by selecting ‘Do Not Contact’

Please Note: This action cannot be undone. The contacts information cannot be removed from this list for any reason whatsoever.

Viewing your Global Suppression List

If you would like to view the contacts added you will simply select ‘Suppression’ from the contact status in the top right corner.

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