The article will explain the various different functions on your Billing page, including how to:

Plus, we'll also share information on our auto-upgrade protection!

Update Your Payment Information

  1. You can add or replace the payment method for your account at any time by navigating to Account → Billing
  2. In the Payment Information section, click Edit Payment Method 
  3. Then, complete all of the fields in the Billing Information pop-up and click Save to finalize your new payment details

Please Note

Our system is not able to accept PayPal or any prepaid cards. Please be sure you're using a debit or credit card to fund your account!

If you're experiencing any issues updating your credit card, please reach out to support for further assistance.

Change Your Subscription Plan

You can change your subscription plan at any time to fit your email marketing needs. Whether it be upgrading to have room for more contacts or downgrading because you have removed some.

  1. To change your subscription, head to AccountBilling
  2. In the Plan Details section, click Change Plan
  3. Review the list of available subscriptions and decide which plan is best for your business, based on the number of contacts on your list
  4. Toggle the Pay Annually and Get 2 Free Months! selector to see if a monthly or annual plan is the right option based on current rates
  5. Once you've decided on a plan, and a renewal interval, click Upgrade to confirm your billing information and finalize your selection!

You'll receive an email confirmation with your new subscription details once the selection is finalized. Plus, you can always check on your current plan via the Plan Information section of your Dashboard's Daily Digest!

Cancel Your Sendlane Account

Before canceling your subscription, you may want to consider putting your account on hold. Our On Hold plan is a great option if you are looking to take a break from the email marketing world. We will keep all of your hard work safe and ready for you when you decide to return!

Please Note

If you do decide to cancel your account, all of your data will be wiped from Sendlane after a short time. Once your account is removed, we're not able to recover any lost information including your previous lists, contacts, or automations.

  1. If you must leave us, navigate to Account → Billing
  2. Then select Cancel Plan under your Current plan 

If you have any trouble with the cancellation process, please reach out to support and we’ll help get your account adjusted.

Auto-Upgrade Protection

Auto-upgrade protection is now in place for all Sendlane accounts to prevent any service disruption if you collect more contacts than your current plan limit. This is a fantastic service for rapidly-growing contact lists!

Rather than locking down sending or preventing new leads from being added to your account, your subscription will be automatically upgraded to the next available tier and you'll see the Auto Upgrade status in  Account → Billing under the Plan Details section:

Please Note

We prorate all payments to be sure that your renewal date stays consistent and predictable, so if auto-upgrade moves you to the next plan, you'll only be charged for the current subscription period today. Your account will renew on the new plan going forward.

If you decide to downgrade to a smaller plan size in the future, please be sure your contact count drops below the threshold for the plan you'd like to move to, and stays there even if you continue collecting new leads.

Additional Resources


Update Your Payment Information: Account → Billing → Edit Payment Method

Changing Your Subscription Plan: Account → Billing → Change Plan → Select Plan (Save 17% with annual plan) → Upgrade → Confirm Billing

Canceling Your Sendlane Account: Account → Billing → Cancel Plan or move to On Hold plan at $9 a month

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