How to Manage Your Email Plan

Select Your Email Plan

Sending Credits

Sendlane's email plans are based on sending volume and provide a set number of sending credits for your billing period.

If you're moving to Sendlane from another email service provider we recommend selecting a plan that provides at least enough sending credits to continue sending at your current volume.

Check out the resources below for common former ESPs to determine your email volume:

Change your Sendlane subscription plan at any time to accommodate a growing list of Contacts or strategic cleaning that lowers your Contact count for more targeted sending.

SMS are billed separately in your Sendlane account. Head to How to Change Your SMS Plan for instructions on adjusting your SMS plan!

🚨 Plan changes take 24 hours to process

Make sure to change your plan at least one day before your plan's renewal date to avoid being charged for your previous plan!

Check out your current plan information at the bottom of the Weekly Digest section of your Dashboard!

Change Your Email Plan

  1. To access the plans page, click Account 
  2. Click Billing 
  3. Click Change Plan
  4. Click the Email Plan dropdown and select a new plan
  5. Click Upgrade under the billing period (annual or monthly) of your choice

Enter your billing information, and click Save to confirm your new plan!

Auto-Upgrade Protection

If you attempt to send an email using more credits than are available in your account and you have auto-upgrade protection turned on, your plan will be auto-upgraded to the next plan level. You can also choose to pay CPM overages, which charge a fee per credit when attempting to send without enough sending credits in your account.

Use the radio buttons underneath your email plan details to choose Upgrade to next plan or Pay CPM overage:

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