How to Integrate Facebook Custom Audiences and Sendlane


Facebook Custom Audiences allows you to create Audiences to reach people familiar with your business using data from Facebook and Instagram. Read on to learn how to integrate your Facebook and Sendlane audiences!

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🚦 Before Getting Started

  1. Create a Facebook account
  2. Create a Facebook Business Manager account
  3. To use Instagram data as well as Facebook data, add an Instagram account to your Facebook page

 Integrate Facebook and Sendlane

  1. Click the Integrations icon
  2. Click Facebook Custom Audiences
  3. Click Configure
  4. Click Setup Integration
  5. Click Continue with Facebook

Log in to Facebook and confirm permission to integrate with Sendlane to complete the integration process!

When the integration is successfully installed you'll see your Facebook integration page populated with your Facebook Business Page information.


 Create a custom audience

All Contacts, including unsubscribed Contacts, will be synced.

  1. Click Create Custom Audience
  2. Enter a name for your custom audience
  3. Click Create Audience
  4. A pop-up will appear asking you to agree to terms of service. Click the link in the pop-up to be redirected to Facebook Business Manager.
  5. In Facebook Business Manager, click Accept. You will be redirected back to Sendlane.

When you are redirected to Sendlane, you should see your new custom audience! Your Facebook Custom Audiences integration is now complete.

Next steps

Once you've integrated Sendlane and Facebook together, you can:

Click through to learn more about how to add or remove contacts from your Facebook Custom Audience.


How do I fix a server error?

Server errors are likely due to one of the following issues:

  1. The Facebook account that was used to integrate with Sendlane has not accepted the terms of service for Facebook Custom Audiences. Log in to the Facebook account that was used to connect with Sendlane and accept the terms of service.
  2. The Facebook account that was used to integrate with Sendlane was given read-only access to the Facebook business account. Provide full access to the Facebook account used to manage the Facebook Custom Audience.
  3. You have reached or exceeded Facebook's limit of 500 or more audiences. You can make room in your account by creating lookalike audiences for other audiences, but be aware that lookalike audiences will not sync with Sendlane.

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