How to Retarget Website Visitors with Automations

Retargeting website visitors is a great way to keep your brand top-of-mind even after contacts click away from your site.

By tracking the behavior of anyone who visits your website, you can easily trigger an automation to follow up with every person via email, and encourage them to convert!

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Before Getting Started

Before you begin, please be sure that you've installed Beacon on your website. During that process, you should also set up a Conversion Rule and an Event to track.

Please Note

In order for Beacon to begin tracking the behavior of your audience, contacts first need to opt-in to your account. 

Once they open a campaign that leads them back to your website, their behavior will be tracked accordingly and available within their customer profile!

Setting up your Automation

  1. Begin by heading to Automations → New Automation
  2. From here select Start From Scratch and name your automation
  3. Select the Event Triggered action for retargeting
  4. Select the event you previously created (in this example our event was named Site Tracking)
  5. Continue building your automation by adding any other actions and communications you'd like to use. Depending on what your goals and objectives are, we recommend sending three emails over the next three days to encourage contacts to come back and visit your website.
  6. Next, add a Goal action. We recommend checking to see if contacts purchased! (So in this example, the goal conditions are that the contact triggered the event by going back to the original URL and have a conversion amount greater than $1.00)

  7. From here you can decide what happens next based on your overall strategy! Select the next action once the goal is reached and what happens if they do not reach the goal. You will also have the option to select how many times the goal is checked before determining that it was not met.
  8. Once you have completed your automation be sure to set the funnel from Inactive to Active

And that's it! 

Now, any contacts that visit your website will trigger this automation, see your marketing emails and hopefully return to your website to make a purchase!


Automations → New Automation → Start From Scratch → Trigger: Event Triggered → Page URL → Build automation with actions & communications → Add Goal → Active

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