How to Integrate Justuno with Sendlane

Want to grow your Audience with quality leads who actively want to receive your content? Justuno is Sendlane’s premier partner for lead capture forms for email and SMS! Check out the Sendlane Marketing Journal's guide to optimizing conversion with Justuno and Sendlane, then read on to connect your Sendlane account to Justuno!

Integrate Justuno with your Sendlane account to target website visitors based on activity and preferences, capture Contact data, and provide coupons for your eCommerce store.

🚦 Before Getting Started

  1.  Create a Promotion in your Justuno account that contains a phone and/or email address field
  2. Connect your eCommerce platform or integrate manually if your platform is not listed
  3.  Request single opt-in and SMS Consent API enablement for your Sendlane account from our 24/7 support team
  4.  Create Custom Fields for your promotion in Sendlane
  5.  If you plan to collect phone numbers for SMS marketing, activate a Sendlane SMS plan

Connect Sendlane API Token and Justuno Promotion

To integrate Sendlane and Justuno, you'll generate a Sendlane API token and add it to your Justuno promotion.

Generate Sendlane API Token

  1. Click the Account icon
  2. Click API 
  3. Click Create API Token 
  4. Enter a descriptive Token Name 
  5. Click Create 
  6. Click Copy API Token

🚨 API keys cannot be retrieved again after they are created

You must copy the API Key at this stage! Once you exit the Access Token Created window, you will not be able to access this API Key again.

🚨 API keys expire one year after creation

API keys expire one year from the day they are created. Set a reminder to replace your API key one year from the day you created it.

Add Sendlane API Token to Justuno Promotion

Open your Justuno Promotion by clicking Options > Edit Design

Click the email address field in your Promotion > Change Form > Connect Provider > Connect ESP Provider

Search for and select Sendlane from the ESP Providers screen > Paste your Sendlane API Token > Click Import V2 API Token > Click Next > Select a default List to add your Contacts to > Click Next

Check out Justuno’s guides to building your first form!

On the Form Builder page, add and adjust any additional fields, then click Next to head to the Settings page. Adjust your Form’s settings on the Settings page, then click Update Form to save your changes.

Collect Phone Numbers and SMS Consent

To collect phone numbers and consent to receive SMS marketing content from leads who fill out your Justuno promotion, just add a Phone field to your promotion!

Justuno promotions being used to collect phone numbers and SMS consent should be two-step forms, with separate compliance language for SMS messaging. See Justuno's SMS compliance blog for more details!

Test Your Promotion

Once you’ve created your first Promotion and inserted the Justuno embed code on your website, follow Justuno’s guide to testing your Promotion. This process will verify that your embed code is working correctly and that your form collects lead information.

When you see the test lead you submitted on your website in your Justuno account, head to your Sendlane Audience page > Lists tab to verify that your test lead was passed over to Sendlane.

As soon as you see your test lead in Sendlane, you’re all set! Check out Justuno’s Advanced guides to get the most out of Justuno’s segmentation and targeting abilities for future promotions.

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