Export Automation Email Report Data

Sendlane's Automation export allows you to access Contact and behavior data for recipients of your Automations

Automation Email Export Data Values

  • subscriber_id: the Contact's unique identifier
  • email: the Contact's email address
  • name: the Contact's first and last name
  • date: the date the Contact was sent your campaign
  • views_count: the count of times the Contact viewed your Campaign
  • clicks_count: the count of times the Contact clicked a link in your Campaign
  • bounces_count: the count of times the Contact's email addressed bounced
  • suppression_count: whether the Contact's email address was Suppressed or not. This field should always be 0 (not Suppressed) or 1 (Suppressed).

Generate an Automation Email Export

Inside the Automation, click the node of the Email you want to generate an export for

Click the tab for the group of Contacts you want to export data for

  • Sent: Contacts the Campaign was Sent to
  • Opened: Contacts who opened the Campaign
  • Clicked: Contacts who clicked on at least one link in the Campaign
  • Didn't Open: Contacts who did not open the Campaign
  • Bounced: Contacts whose email addresses bounced
  • Suppression: Contacts whose email addresses were Suppressed
  • Unsubscribed: Contacts who unsubscribed from the List via the Campaign
  • Spam: Contacts who marked the Campaign as spam
  • Events: Contacts who triggered an Event from the Campaign

Click  Export as CSV to begin your export.

Exports under 20k rows will begin downloading immediately. Exports with more than 20k rows will be sent to the email address on file in your Sendlane account.

Once the export is complete, you'll also see a record of the file in the Imports & Exports tab of your account.

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