Over Limit Contacts

The Over Limit Contacts tab of the Audience page stores information about Contacts that have been collected through your account’s sign up sources once your account has reached its Contact threshold.

You will not be able to send content or add information to the profiles of Over Limit Contacts until:

  1. Your subscription plan is upgraded to a Contact threshold that can accommodate the Over Limit Contacts, and
  2. The Over Limit Contacts have been moved to Lists

Over Limit Contacts details can be exported or removed from the account without upgrading your subscription plan.

Upgrading Your Subscription Plan

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for assistance in upgrading your subscription plan!

Exporting Over Limit Contacts

Click the Audience icon in the left-hand menu bar → Over Limit Contacts tab → Export button

Click Export as Text File or Export as CSV to start the export as your preferred file type

Your export will begin processing immediately! You will receive an email with a copy of your export file to the email address in your Sendlane profile. You can also track the status of your export using the Imports & Exports tab and download the file there when it is complete.

Removing Over Limit Contacts

To permanently remove all Over Limit Contacts, Click the Audience icon in the left-hand menu bar → Over Limit Contacts tab → Remove all contacts button

To confirm the permanent deletion of all Over Limit Contacts, click the red Remove all contacts button. 

Please note that deleted Over Limit Contacts are not retrievable and all Over Limit Contact information will be permanently deleted by proceeding

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