How to Use Experiments to A/B Test Automation Emails

Test up to 4 versions of an Automation email with different subjects, preheaders, and/or content to identify the best performer!


 Turn on Automation Experiments

To turn on experiments for a Campaign, check the Experiments checkbox in your email node's settings and set your components, duration, and Sender Profile.

You can identify email nodes with experiments by the beaker icon shown below


 Configure Automation Experiment Settings


Select which part(s) of your email you would like to create variations for (subject, preheader, and/or content).


  • Specific amount of time Select a set period of time to run the experiment for
  • Total emails to be sent Enter a number value for the total number of emails that the Automation should send before selecting a winner
  • Ongoing Select this option to send multiple variations of the email indefinitely, or until you manually choose a winner

Winning Version

For Automation experiments not set to "Ongoing," select the factor that determines the winning email (click rate, open rate, or revenue) and the number of hours to let the experiment run before sending the winning email to the rest of the audience.


 Create Multiple Email Variations

On the Content page, you can start building your first email by clicking Create Email. Then click Blank Experiment to create another blank email, or use the Copy button to copy email variations you've already created. Create or copy up to four versions, then click Save!

Make sure to test your Automation flow and activate your email nodes and Automation when you're ready to start sending!

Choose a Winner Manually

To select the winning variation of an email manually, click Make this a winner under the variation you want to win!

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