CCPA and Sendlane

The California Consumers Privacy Act or “CCPA” is a data privacy regulation that protects the citizens of California. 

This law gives Californians more control over how their personal and private data is sold, shared, and used. It also gives your contacts the right to know what information is being collected, shared, or disclosed, access the data, and even opt-out or delete the data at any point.

You can learn more about the CCPA and its specifics by visiting their fact sheet right here.

How Sendlane is in Compliance

  1. Both you and your contacts have the ability to manage and delete your data, as needed (or desired).
  2. We’ve updated our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to reflect the necessary actions required by CCPA. This means we’ve laid out a clear explanation, along with internal data processes and product capabilities to adjust accordingly.

You can learn more about CCPA and Sendlane, and how to make sure your email marketing is compliant right here on the Sendlane blog!

Have Questions or Concerns?

For more information on your responsibilities as a sender, you can visit the CCPA website right here or reach out to our support team. 

To request assistance as a recipient please email If you're having trouble with a specific sender, please forward a copy of the message you received so we can investigate.


CCPA (aka California Consumers Privacy Act) establishes privacy regulations and procedures that protect the citizens of California. Sendlane is fully CCPA compliant.

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