DMARC and Sendlane

DMARC stands for “Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance” which is an email authentication policy, and reporting protocol.

DMARC was designed to help email senders and receivers determine whether or not a message is legitimately from the sender, and what to do if it isn’t. This makes it easier to identify spam and phishing messages and keep them out of peoples’ inboxes.

You can learn more about the DMARC and its specifics by visiting the official DMARC website.

How Sendlane is in Compliance

Per DMARC lists and policies, free email services (like Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft, and Gmail) cannot be used to send email marketing messages. If an email address from a free email service is listed as the sender, the message will not inbox, and likely be rejected by the recipient's ESP entirely.

Please Note

This is why we're not able to accept certain email addresses in the From Email field of your Sendlane account.

Have Questions or Concerns?

For more information on your responsibilities as a sender, you can visit the DMARC website or reach out to our support team. You can also learn more about DMARC right here, in the Sendlane blog!

To request assistance as a recipient please email If you're having trouble with a specific sender, please forward a copy of the message you received so we can investigate.


DMARC (aka Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) authenticates email senders and helps identify spam and phishing messages to keep them out of peoples’ inboxes. Sendlane is fully DMARC compliant.

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