How to Add Additional Users to Your Account


Creating additional users is a great way to allow access to your Sendlane account without needing to share your account's email address and password. You can even specify what type of access your users should have to your account!

⚠️ Role based emails cannot be used for user accounts

Role based email addresses (like,,, etc.) cannot be used for user accounts.

⚠️ Email addresses cannot be used more than once

If you receive a The email has already been taken. error when creating a new user account, the email address is already being used in Sendlane. Users with agency access or multiple Sendlane accounts may need to use plus email addressing to create a user account. If your email address is and already associated with an agency account or additional Sendlane account, you can use to create an additional account.

In This Guide

Create a User Profile

  1. Click the Account icon
  2. Click Access
  3. Click New User
  4. Enter the new user's name 
  5. Enter the new user's email address (note that users' email addresses cannot be changed once the user profile has been created)
  6. Select a permission level
  7. Click Confirm

Your new user will receive an email with a link to log in to their new account and create a password.

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Resend a User Invitation

Invitations to finish creating an account expire after 24 hours. To send another invitation, click the envelope icon next to the user's name:

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Edit a User Profile

Click the edit icon next to the user profile you'd like to edit

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Delete a User Profile

  1. Click the trash icon next to the profile you want to delete
  2. Click Delete User

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