Adding a User is a great way to allow access to your Sendlane account to another person affiliated with your company, without providing the main log in information to your account.

Creating a User Profile

A User profile will create an alternative login for an affiliate to use your Sendlane account, using their own email and password. The User will have full access to your account, including Billing information. 

1. In your Dashboard, head to  Account Users

2. Create a New User profile by entering the name and email for the profile, and Confirm

Please Note

Make sure you have the best email for contacting the User, as this is what will be used for their account management and receiving the activation email. The User will have to activate their account 24 hours of the email being sent.

3. The User will now be prompted to create a password for their account. 

4. After creating their password, the User will now have access to the Sendlane account with their User profile login information.

Editing a User Profile

If you would like to make an edit to a User’s account, like their name information go to Actions and then, Edit User

Please Note

You are not able to change the email associated with the User. If they no longer have access to the email affiliated with their account, please delete the User profile and create a new User using their most current email address.

Deleting a User Profile

If you would no longer like to provide a User with access to your Sendlane account, you will want to delete the User. Go to Actions, and then select Delete


Creating a User Profile: Account → User→ Create New User → Enter name and  email for User profile→ User→ Confirm

Editing a User Profile: Account → User→ Action→ Edit→ Enter new information 

Deleting a User: Account → User→ Action → Delete

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