Adding a User is a great way to grant access to your Sendlane account, without having to share your main login details!

In this article we'll cover anything and everything about Users, including:

Plus, we also have a quick troubleshooting section to help you work through common issues with Users.

Creating a User Profile 

A User profile is an alternative login for your Sendlane account, using their own email and password. The User will have full access to your account, including Billing information. 

  1. Head to Account Users
  2. Create a New User profile by entering the name and email for the profile, and Confirm
     Please Note

    Once you click Confirm, an activation email with the subject line You've Been Invited to Sendlane! will be sent to your new user. Their access cannot be established without completing this step, so please be sure you have the best email for contacting them, and have them keep an eye out for that message!

    From there, you'll see the new user profile inside of your account with the Invitation Pending Status

  3. On the user side, inside of the activation email, the User will be prompted to click through and create a password for their account

After creating their password, the User will now have access to your Sendlane account with their own login details, and you'll see their user profile status as Active

Editing a User 

To make edits to a User’s name, select " ..." in the Actions columns and click Edit User

Please Note

Currently, the edits available are for the first and last name fields. 

If you need to change the email address for a User, follow the steps below to delete the profile and create a new one using their new email address.

For password issues, please click here.

Deleting a User Profile 

To delete a User, select " ..." in the Actions columns and click Delete


If the User either has not received their activation email, or did not set their password within the first 24 hours, you can always select Resend Invite and send another copy of the activation email to their inbox


Creating a User Profile:  Account → User→ Create New User → Enter name and email for User profile → User → Confirm

Editing a User Profile: Account → User→ ... → Edit→ Enter new information 

Deleting a User: Account → User→ ... → Delete

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