How to Retarget Enterprise Sales Page Visitors

Enterprise-level sales are often the biggest moneymakers for businesses. This is exactly why it's so important to have a retargeting strategy for enterprise sales page visitors - so you can nurture these leads with a personalized touch from your sales team!

By tracking the behavior of site visitors, you can easily trigger an automation to notify your sales team anytime a contact visits your enterprise sales page, or any page you'd like!

Before Getting Started

Before you begin, please be sure that you've installed Beacon on your website. During that process, you should also set up an Event to track using the URL of your enterprise sales page.

Please Note

In order for Beacon to begin tracking the behavior of your audience, contacts first need to opt-in to your account. Once they open a campaign that leads them back to your website, their behavior will be tracked accordingly and available within their customer profile!

Setting up your Automation

  1. Begin by heading to Automations → New Automation
  2. From here select Start From Scratch and name your automation
  3. Select the Event Triggered action for retargeting 

  4. Select the event you previously created that is linked to a site visit
  5. Next, add a Send Message action and choose Notification 
  6. Fill in the details to send an internal notification to your sales team that a lead might be interested in your enterprise product, service or offer so they can reach out personally to nurture the lead, answer any questions they may have, make the sale! 

  7. From here, you may want to add a tag to enterprise sales leads, or send an email with calendar link to schedule a sales demo or meeting, while your sales team reaches out over the phone. You can add any other actions, communications or goals you'd like, based on your sales funnel and flow!

  8. Once you've completed your automation be sure to set the funnel from Inactive to Active

And that's it! Now your sales team will get notified anytime a potential lead visits your enterprise sales page

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