How to Integrate WooCommerce and Sendlane


WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin for WordPress. 

Integrating Sendlane and WooCommerce allows you to automatically sync customers to Sendlane so you can stay in touch via targeted email campaigns and automation funnels! 

In This Guide

🚦 Before Getting Started

Complete these steps before starting the WooCommerce/Sendlane integration process:

  • Create a WooCommerce account for your eCommerce store
  • Create a List for your WooCommerce abandoned cart customers

🚨 Some custom fields do not sync with Sendlane

Custom fields that contain _playback_ or are any format other than simple string, numeric, or null, will not sync with Sendlane.

Connecting WooCommerce and Sendlane

  1. From your WordPress website, click into Settings and find the Permalink section
  2. Update both the Common Settings and Product Permalink from Default to Custom 
  3. Enter /%category%/ (or another tag of your choice) for Custom Structure
  4. Update Custom Base to product/
  5. Click Save Changes
  6. In the sidebar, click WooCommerce
  7. Click on the Settings tab under WooCommerce
  8. Once in the settings page, click the  Advanced tab 

  9. Click REST API

  10. Click  Add Key 

  11. Enter a name for the key in the description field

  12. Select yourself as the user if it is not already set

  13. Select  Read/Write for the Permissions

  14. The next page you will see will include your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. Do Not leave this page 

    Once you leave this page you cannot retrieve these keys again. If you leave this page before adding the keys to Sendlane, you will need to start over.
  15. In a different window or tab, login to Sendlane

  16. Navigate to the Integrations tab, locate WooCommerce, and click on configure.

  17. In the top right, click on Connect Integration

  18. Fill in your Woocommerce store information, making sure to include https:// for the URL

  19. Return to your Woocommerce admin page to retrieve the Consumer Key (this is your REST API Key) and your Consumer Secret (this is your REST API Secret). 

  20. Select a default list. This is the list your existing contacts will be added to, and where new contacts will be added after completing a purchase in your store. 

  21. Click Continue 

  22. You'll see the integration status as Initializing first, then Syncing as the data starts to transfer - please give the system just a bit of time to process here, then once the status updates to Installed you're all set!

Your integration is now complete! You can now develop targeted Campaigns and Automations for your WooCommerce audience!

WooCommerce customer data from the last 90 days will now be available in Sendlane, and any new leads or customers will automatically be synced over as well, enabling you to develop targeted Campaigns and Automations for your WooCommerce audience!

Installing the WooCommerce Plugin for Sendlane Abandoned Cart Automations

Complete these steps to be able to retarget your abandoned cart customers using an Automation!

  1. Download the WooCommerce plugin for Sendlane and install the .ZIP file on your WordPress site (saving the plugin as any other file type will prevent you from uploading the plugin to your Wordpress site)
  2. Verify that you have Version 2.0 installed on your WordPress plugins page
  3. Click on the WooCommerce page in your left-hand sidebar → Settings → Integration tab
  4. Enter your Sendlane subdomain and click Save Changes

Next Steps

Now that you've fully integrated WooCommerce and Sendlane, we recommend setting up an automation to retarget anyone who exits your WooCommerce store before completing their purchase!

Click here to set up an abandoned cart automation that sends automated emails directly to contacts who abandon their shopping cart.


If you have any other issues connecting your Sendlane and WooCommerce accounts, our support team is available 24/7. Plus, the WooCommerce team is just a few clicks away!

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