How to Integrate WooCommerce and Sendlane

WooCommerce is a fully customizable eCommerce platform built for WordPress. When you integrate WooCommerce with Sendlane, you'll be able to send messages to your customers from within your Sendlane account!

Connecting WooCommerce and Sendlane

1. Download the Sendlane plugin here

2. Login to your WordPress account and navigate to Plugins Add New → Upload Plugin

3. Click Choose File and select the zip file you downloaded in Step 1

4. After the plugin installs, click Activate Plugin 5. Navigate to Settings and select Sendlane For WooCommerce by clicking on the Sendlane logo

6. From there, you'll be prompted to enter your "User URL" (this refers to your Sendlane subdomain), followed by your API key and Hash Key. These can be found in your Sendlane account under Account → Developer

7. Once connected, head to the left side menu and select WooCommerce → Settings

You should see a Sendlane tab. Here you’ll be able to set up your list settings

  • Select list – This is pulling from the lists you made inside your Sendlane account (If you created a list after integrating WooCommerce with Sendlane, then refresh your account to make sure all your lists show in the drop-down menu)
  • Subscribe Customers – You can select whether you would like the integration to ask customers to be added to your list or to automatically add people to your email list
  • Opt-in Field Label -You may customize a message that will prompt people to check mark if they want to be opted into your list as they purchase
  • Opt-In Checkbox Default – Allows you to automatically check or allow users to check the box for permission
  • Opt-In Checkbox Location – This is the location in which you want the Opt-In Field Label to be displayed on your WooCommerce Checkout

8. Select Save Changes

Your integration is now complete! We recommend making a test purchase to confirm that the integration is working properly (learn how to do that right here)

Additional WooCommerce Resources

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Go to Wordpress → Plugins → Add New → Upload Plugin → Choose File → Activate Plugin → Settings → Sendlane WooCommerce → Sendlane Logo → Enter API, Hash & Subdomain → WooCommerce → Settings → Save Changes

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