How to Use Recharge Quick Actions

Use Recharge's Quick Action URLs to help your customers manage their subscriptions!

Using the templating syntax {{ trigger.function() }} you can create dynamic links and buttons to dynamic subscription management actions in any Campaign or Automation email.

🚦 Before Getting Started

  1. Set up your Shopify integration
  2. Set up your Recharge integration

Add a Quick Action URL to an Email

In this example, we'll add a URL that takes customers to their subscription portal. See below for all available quick actions! 

Open a Campaign or Automation email and add a text box containing the following snippet

{{ trigger.getShopifyViewCustomerPortalURL() }}

Click the preview button to make sure the URL renders properly:

Available Quick Action URLs

See Recharge's detailed instructions on adding your store's variables to quick action URLS.

Description Notes Function
Link customer to their subscriptions page
getShopifyViewCustomerPortalURL(page = 'subscriptions')
Ship next scheduled subscription order immediately
Skip next scheduled subscription
Delay next scheduled delivery Set count to desired number of days
getShopifyDelayNextOrderURL(interval = 'days', count = 1)
Add a specified product to the next scheduled subscription order Set  variantID to desired product
Change specified subscription Set  variantID to desired subscription
Reactivate customer's canceled subscription
Apply a specified discount to next order Set discountCode to desired discount
Reactivate a canceled order with specified discount Set  discountCode to desired discount
Reactivate a canceled order with specified product Set  variantID to desired product
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