How to Integrate Recharge and Sendlane

Integrate Recharge and Sendlane to use your Shopify or BigCommerce store's subscription data to target customers based on their activity and preferences!

🚦 Before Getting Started

  1. Sign up for a Recharge account
  2. Have either Shopify or BigCommerce integrated with Sendlane

  Generate API Keys in Recharge

🚨 API keys expire one year after creation

API keys expire one year from the day they are created. Set a reminder to replace your API key one year from the day you created it.

Log in to Recharge, then

  1. Click Apps
  2. Click API Tokens
  3. Click Create an API token

    On the API token creation screen, 

    1. Enter a Token nickname and your email address
    2. Set all permissions to "Read Access" ("Grant Access" for Customer Notifications)
    3. click the terms of service agreement checkbox
    4. click Save to generate your Access Token and Client Secret keys!


  Copy API Keys

You can access your Recharge keys at any time. If you prefer to save your Recharge API keys on your device, follow the steps below to copy each key.

Copy your Access Token by clicking the copy icon next to the token you just created: Copy your Client Secret key by clicking on your API token's nickname, then double-click the API Client Secret field and copy:


  Install Recharge Integration in Sendlane

Search for and click on Recharge on the Integrations page in Sendlane, then click Configure > Create New Recharge Integration
Enter your Recharge Store Name, Access Token, and Client Secret
Select your store as the Parent Integration
Click Continue to complete your integration!

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