How to Use Emojis in Your Emails

Emojis help boost the personality of all of your marketing messages. Here's how to add emojis to your emails in your Sendlane account!

Adding an Emoji to Your Email

When building out campaigns within Sendlane, you can add emojis to both the subject line and the content of your messages.

  1. Place your cursor where you'd like to add an emoji (either within the Email Subject field or a content block inside of the email editor)
  2. Open up the emoji panel by using the keyboard shortcut that works for your device
    • Keyboard Shortcut for Mac

      Control + Command + Space Bar


    • Keyboard Shortcut for Windows

      Windows button + Semicolon* (or Period*)  Sendlane-knowledge-base-using-emojis-in-your-emails-PC-keyboard-shortcut.jpeg*Whether the Semicolon or the Period works with the Windows button depends on your software version. Try one combination, then the other to figure out which one works for your device.

  3. Select the emoji you'd like to use from the emoji panel 

And that's it - you'll now be able to display emojis within your email subject lines and content!

Please Note

Emojis render differently across different email clients and devices, so you always want to test your messages before sending to be sure everything looks exactly how you'd like it to.

To learn more using emojis, check out Introducing - Emojis! Add An Extra Dose of Personality to Your Communications.

Additional Emoji Resources



Click → Keyboard Shortcut ( Mac: Control + Command + Space Bar, PC: Windows + Semicolon OR Period)  → Select emoji.


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