How to Create a Sender Profile

A Sender Profile contains information displayed to your audience including Sender Name, From Email Address, Reply to Email Address and the physical address that will appear at the bottom of your emails. 

You can create multiple sender profiles and have them associated with different lists, depending on your sending strategy!

Before Getting Started

Be sure you've registered your own custom domain and have your custom domain email address in the  From Email field to successfully create a sender profile & list.

Please Note

You cannot use a free email account like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail for your From Email.

We are compliant with current data processing and privacy regulations which require all marketing emails to be sent from a paid, custom domain email address.

Creating a Sender Profile in List Settings

  1. Navigate to Audience → Lists
  2. Click the pink New List button in the top right corner prompting a pop up showing information needed to create a new list. 
  3. Next, you'll see a drop down for Sender, where you can select Create New Sender.
  4. Enter all of the necessary information on the New Sender screen:
    • Sender, or From Name – The name that will show as the Sender when contacts receive your emails. Use a name that your audience will recognize, so they are more likely to open your email.
    • From Email – Fill in an email your audience will recognize, using a custom domain email.
    • Reply To Email – The email where any replies from contacts will be sent.
    • Address – The CAN-SPAM Act requires a valid physical postal address to be displayed in all marketing emails. Enter your postal address here; you can use a P.O. Box if you prefer.  
  5. When you're done entering those details, click the pink Create button to finalize and save everything.

Once you do so, your new Sender Profile will be saved and ready to use!

Creating a Sender Profile in Audience

You can also create or edit a Sender Profile by heading to Audience → Senders within the Navigation bar on the left. 

Just click the pink New Sender Profile button in the top right corner to get started with a new Profile and follow the same steps as above to complete the process!

Editing a Sender Profile

To edit an existing Sender Profile, head over to  AudienceSenders 

Then, click  Edit Profile next to the one you'd like to change, and make the desired edits!

Please Note

You can edit any field within your Sender Profile, but at this time, it's not possible to remove or delete a Sender Profile from your Sendlane account.


Creating a Sender Profile in List Settings: Audience → Lists → New List → Sender drop-down → Create New Sender

Creating a Sender Profile in Account Settings: Audience → Senders → New Sender Profile

Editing a Sender Profile: Audience → Senders → Edit Profile


Not Accepting 'From' Email

If the New Sender Profile window is not accepting your  From Email Address, please be sure you are using a valid custom domain email address. Free email addresses such as Yahoo/Gmail cannot be used. If you are not using a free email, please be sure there are no spaces added accidentally before or after the email address. If you are still experiencing trouble, completely delete the line and re-enter your email address.

Emails Sent with Incorrect Sender Information

If you notice that your emails are sending with the incorrect Sender Name or From Email, please first check that the correct sender profile is associated with the list that you are sending to. You can do so by navigating to  Audience → Lists and then click Settings next to the appropriate list. If the correct Sender Profile is selected, please reach out to our Support Team

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