How to Create a Sender Profile

A Sender Profile is information provided to your audience when sending emails including Sender Name, From Email, Reply to Email and the address that will appear at the bottom of your emails. Once this is finished, you will use the information to create your lists for contacts.

Please Note: When creating a list and filling out the Default from email field, you cannot use a free email address like Gmail/Yahoo/etc. We are compliant with DMARC’s latest standard.

Using a free email account will result in deliverability issues. You will need to register your own custom domain and use the custom domain email in the From Email field to successfully create a list.

Creating a Sender Profile in List Settings

1. Navigate to  Audience → Lists. Click the pink New List button in the top right corner prompting a pop up showing information needed to create a new list. There will be a drop down for Sender information, here you can select Create New Sender.

2. Fill in all New Sender information:

  • Sender, or From Name – The name that will show as the Sender when contacts receive your emails. Use a name that your audience will recognize, so they are more likely to open your email.
  • From Email – Fill in an email your audience will recognize, using a custom domain email.
  • Reply Email – The email where any replies from contacts will be sent.
  • Address – This address will show at the bottom of each email. Enter a valid address. This can be a P.O. Box that you own, if you prefer.

Once you are done click the pink Create button and the Sender Information will be stored and your list ready to use!

Creating a Sender Profile in Account Settings

Using the same Sender Information above you can also create or edit a Sender Profile by heading to Account → Senders within the Navigation bar. Here you will click the pink New Sender Profile button in the top right corner prompting a pop up showing the information needed for the Sender information.


Audience → Lists → New List → Sender drop-down → Create New Sender.

Account → Senders → New Sender Profile.

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