How to Send a Test Email


It is critical to test your emails with as many devices and browsers as possible before sending the email to your audience to ensure your email will look as amazing as possible to as much of your audience as possible. Read on to learn how to send a test email to yourself before sending it out into the world!

In this guide

Test email limitations

Test emails do not function exactly like a live send and are intended primarily to view email formatting as users will see it in their inboxes. Test emails have the following limitations:

  • The unsubscribe link in the email footer will take you back to your Sendlane dashboard or the Sendlane login page, not to the update subscriptions preferences page
  • Personalization will populate with data from a randomly selected Contact profile in your account, even if you send a test email to an email address that has a Contact profile with the included personalization completed
  • Abandoned checkout and browse data (product information, images, and checkout links) will not populate because, in a test email, no abandonment data has been collected by your website
  • Review request links will not point to the review submission form

Send a test email

You can send a test email in the email builder for both Campaign and Automation emails.

To send a test email:

  1. Click Send Test
  2. Enter the email addresses of anyone you want to receive the test email
  3. Optional - Click the Save emails as your default test recipients checkbox to avoid having to enter the same email addresses every time you send a test email
  4. Click Send

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