How to create and share a contact card


You can create a contact card or a virtual business card (vCard), which lets your Contacts save your brand's phone number, name, and image to their phone's contacts, making it easier to recognize SMS messages from you! Read on to learn how to create and share a contact card.

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🚦 Before Getting Started

  1.  Sign up for Sendlane SMS
  2.  Prepare a branded icon for your contact card

⚠️ Contact cards might look odd when using test sends

Test SMS messages might render the contact card with special characters. Regular Campaign or Automation SMS messages render contact cards normally.


 Create a contact card

A contact card is a .VCF file that stores contact information in any system designed to store contact information, including smart phones and email providers.

There are two ways to create a contact card:

  1. Use an online .VCF file generator like We recommend this method because it provides many customization options and will be standardized across inbox providers. Enter your brand's information, then click Generate at the bottom of the page to download your .VCF file.
  2. Use your email provider's address book functionality to download a .VCF file. We do not recommend this method because the contact card may only appear to Contacts who use the inbox provider the file was generated from.

 Share your contact card

Share your contact card via email and SMS messages by creating a download link for your .VCF file and including that link in an email or SMS message:

  1. Log in to a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox
  2. Upload your .VCF file
  3. Set sharing options to public or viewable by anyone
  4. Follow instructions for your cloud storage service to create an automatic download link 
    1. Google Drive
    2. Dropbox
  5. Include the automatic download link in an email or SMS message
  6. Ask Contacts to save your contact card to their phones in the message that sends them the link
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