How to Integrate Sendlane with PostPilot


PostPilot provides an opportunity for Shopify marketers to increase the personal touch of their marketing strategy with personalized, handwritten cards! Integrating your Sendlane account with PostPilot allows you to use your valuable Contact data to send physical postcards using PostPilot.

Read on to learn how to connect your Sendlane and PostPilot accounts and start sending physical mail to your Contacts! See PostPilot's documentation of their Sendlane integration here.

In This Guide

🚦Before Getting Started

  1. Integrate your Sendlane account with a Shopify store
  2. Create a PostPilot account
  3. Integrate your PostPilot account with your Shopify store


 Generate an API Token for PostPilot

Your Sendlane account is connected to PostPilot via an API token generated in Sendlane.

To create an API token for PostPilot:

  1. Login to Sendlane
  2. Click the Settings icon
  3. Click API
  4. Under Sendlane API V2, click + API Token
  5. Enter PostPilot as the name for your API token
  6. Click Create
  7. Click Copy API Token

🚨 API tokens cannot be retrieved again after they are created

Once you exit the Access Token Created window, you will not be able to access this API token again. If you exit the Access Token Created window without copying your API token, click the trash can icon next to the API token to delete it and follow the steps above again.


 Connect Sendlane to PostPilot

  1. Login to PostPilot
  2. In the left sidebar, click Integrations
  3. Next to Sendlane Lists/Segments, click Connect
  4. Paste your API token in the Sendlane Private API token field
  5. Click Save

Your Sendlane account is now connected to your PostPilot account!


 Sync Sendlane Data in PostPilot

Once your Sendlane account is connected to PostPilot, you need to select Lists or Segments to use in PostPilot to send physical mail.

To tell PostPilot which Lists or Segments to connect to:

  1. In the left sidebar, click Integrations
  2. Next to Sendlane Lists/Segments, click Manage
  3. Next to the API token, click Manage
  4. Click Connect A New List Or Segment From Sendlane
  5. Select List or Segment from the radio button options
  6. Select a List or Segment from the dropdown below the radio buttons
  7. Click Save

To connect more Lists or Segments, repeat the above steps. Connect as many Lists or Segments as needed!

🚨 PostPilot automatically re-syncs Lists and Segments once per day

To force a re-sync, click the Sync button next to the List or Segment you want to force re-sync


 Send Direct Mail to Contacts

PostPilot provides two main paths to sending physical mail to Sendlane Contacts:

  1. Use a Sendlane List or Segment as a filter when creating Shopify segments
  2. Use a .CSV export of Contacts to send physical mail to leads

Click the links above to read PostPilot's documentation on sending physical mail via PostPilot!


For questions or issues related to generating your Sendlane API token, please reach out to our 24/7 Product Support or your assigned customer success manager.

For questions or issues related to PostPilot's connection with Sendlane or sending mail using PostPilot, please contact PostPilot.

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