API v2 Beta

Sendlane’s API v2 is now in beta! 

Sendlane customers can use API v2 to integrate with custom interfaces and eCommerce stores and access and export data for personal data storage solutions.

API v2 is in beta! Please proceed with caution.

Check out the Sendlane API v2 documentation for a full index of Sendlane’s API calls.

Before Getting Started

Sendlane’s API v2 requires an API Token that is generated in your Sendlane account. Follow the guide below to grab your API Token:

Click the Account icon → API → Create API Token

Enter a Token name for the API token → Create

Clicking Create will open the Access Token created window. Use the Copy API Token button to copy the entire token. You must copy the API Token at this step and store it somewhere secure.

The API Token cannot be accessed again after exiting the Access Token created window.


I’m getting a “Could not get any response” error!

If you are located outside the United States and using a proxy, a “Could not get any response” error can sometimes be resolved by turning the proxy off.

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