A webhook is a tool that broadcasts information about an action that has taken place on a server. In other words, webhooks are notifications that a specified event has happened.

In this article, we'll go over the following: 

🚦 Before Getting Started

Choose the service you'd like to use to manage your webhooks and read their documentation to familiarize yourself with the process; here are some popular options:

Testing Webhooks with Sendlane

1. Use a Webhook tester like Request Catcher to create a test URL. Create a test subdomain to complete your unique URL.

2. Then click Get Started.

3. Next, take the created URL and paste it into a new browser window to receive this screen:

Now, we're going to take that same URL and use it to test integration with Sendlane!

Creating Your Automation

This is where you define what actions will be reported when they take place.

If you haven't created an automation before, please see our tutorial.

1. Set your trigger. This will be the action you would like to monitor. For our example, we are using  Subscribes to a List

    2. Select and click Post from the drop-down menu

    3. Paste your unique URL you created earlier into the URL input

    4.Click the drop down and choose Post

    5. Click Done

    6. Lastly, don't forget to set your Automation as active!

    7. To test, add a contact to your list. You will be able to see the result of your test in the Tester (Request Catcher) once the test contact enters the Automation. It will show:

    1. the contact's email address

    2. the list ID (which list they were added to in Sendlane)

    Attain your unique webhook URL from the service you plan to Integrate with Sendlane and paste it into the URL input, then Save and publish your changes! Every contact that fits the parameters of the Automation's trigger will have it's information logged in your Integration. You can use the same steps to test your webhook

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