How to Send Targeted Emails to Miva Customers

Once your Miva integration is complete, you can send targeted email campaigns to your customers by creating segments, or triggering an automation! 

  • Using an Automation: Trigger an automated series of emails based on product purchased, abandoned checkout, order fulfilled or order frequency
  • Creating a Segment: Segment based on order details or customer value

Before Getting Started

If you haven't yet, please follow the instructions here to complete your Miva integration.

Using Miva to Trigger an Automation

  1. When creating an automation, click the node at the top that says Click Here to Add a Trigger
  2. Within the menu that populates on the right, select Miva from the Integrations dropdown menu
    • Product Purchased
      • Create an automation triggered off of the purchase of a specific (or any) product
    • Customer Abandoned Checkout
      • Begin an automation when a contact abandons their shopping cart
    • Order Fulfilled
      • Begin an automation when a customer's order is fulfilled
    • Order Placed Frequency
      • Trigger an automation the first, second or third time an order is placed

Once you have selected the appropriate trigger, continue building your automation!

Using Miva to Segment Your List

  1. Navigate to Audience → Segments
  2. Name your Segment and choose whether you'd like to identify contacts on one specific list, or across all lists (All contacts)
  3. From the dropdown menu choose Miva and select the type of segment you'd like to create

    • Customer
      • Average Order Value
      • Lifetime Value
      • Purchased (has/has not purchased since a specific date)
      • Total Orders Placed
    • Checkout
      • Date Created (on/before/after)
    • Order
      • Fulfilled (all orders fulfilled or only orders for a specific product ID)

You can now send targeted campaigns to your contacts based on their Miva activity.

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