Building the Perfect Email

Sendlane offers a dynamic email builder you can use to create the perfect message - engaging your contacts and turning them into customers!

This tutorial walks you through how to create your own professional campaigns, showcasing every feature available in Sendlane's email builder, using one of our very own newsletters as the example. 

Before Getting Started

Be sure to compile any logos, links, images or text you'll be using in your email. It's much easier to build out your message if you have all of the pieces ready!

The Basics

  1. Click on the New Campaign button in the top right of your campaigns page
  2. You will be brought to the settings of your campaign and see the following options: 
    Campaign Name This is where you will want to name your campaign. This is only for your records and none of your contacts will be able to see the name of your campaign.
    Email Subject Line  The subject line should be the attention getter. Using 4-6 really compelling words for best results!
    Personalization   Make the subject line more personal by adding tags like the subscriber's first name!
    Track Clicks Real time tracking the number of times subscribers click the links in your email.
    Google Analytics
    A more advanced tracking tool. This will require to have a Google Analytics account.
    Preheader Text This is a preview of what will be in your email. It can be an impactful first impression, build curiosity and increase your open rates by displaying a short summary of your message in your audience's inbox! 
    Send To Select whether you would like to send to lists/segments or a specific tag
    Include/Exclude Based on who you are sending to, you can include the target audience and exclude people that should not receive your email

  3.  Once you've filled in all of the fields, and specified all of the settings on this page, click Next 
  4. Then, select Start From Scratch to begin building your email!

Building Your Email

  1. Next, you'll see the Sendlane drag-and-drop email builder. There are two main tools in this builder: Sections and Content. Sections are the foundation, or skeleton, of your email, so choose a few sections you'd like to use, and drop them into the body of your email.
  2. Once you have your sections set up, you are ready to add your content. And don’t worry about making a mistake - you can always add, remove or edit your sections later! 
  3. Now, great emails include a variety of content, which is why you’ll see a ton of different options, including text, images, buttons, dividers, and even pre-built social media icons. We will be utilizing each of these here, but let's start off by adding a Title block into the top section.
  4. Drop your headline copy into the Title block
  5. A tool bar will appear above the section that added the Title to. This will allow you to edit style of the text including changing the colors, font, size, and alignment. For this example, we are going to align the title to the center.

  6. Next, grab a few  Text blocks, and start adding more copy to your email.

    Please Note

    Just remember as you’re adding copy to your email, the spam filter is your worst enemy.

    If you send duplicate content, or anything that looks like spam, you’re likely to land in your audience’s spam folder. 

  7. Now it is time to add some images and graphics. For branding purposes, you'll always want to have your company logo visible within your email. A great way to do this is to use a Custom Content Block! Custom content blocks allow you to create and save a section within your email to use again later. 

    Once you have created the content block you'd like to save, click the save icon within the toolbar and choose a name:

    To use the custom content block, click the Saved tab in the toolbar on the left and then drag the content block into your email:

  8. A few other great content options are Buttons, Dividers, Spacers, and pre-built Social icons. In this example, you'll see all of those content types being used, but go ahead and add in any options you like

  9. Once you have added all of your content, click Preview to check how your email looks on both desktop and mobile devices.
  10. Next, use the Send a test email feature to preview a live test right in your inbox.
  11. After your tests have completed, and you are satisfied with the look of your email, click on Save and Continue so that you can schedule and send your campaign.

And that's it! You just created the perfect email! 

Additional Resources

If you hit any roadblocks following the process above, you can always get in touch with our team or email marketing automation experts right here.

Plus, we also have a video version of this walkthrough if you want to see the entire process in action!

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