How to Save an Email as a Template


Using email templates is a great way to have perfectly branded layouts ready to go for Campaigns and Automations. Read on learn how to create and manage templates for Campaign and Automation emails.

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Create a new template

  1. Click the Email Templates icon
  2. Click Create new template 
  3. Enter a name 
  4. Click Create
  5. Design your template
  6. Click Save Template 
  7. Click Save

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Save an email as a template

Open a Campaign or Automation email and edit its content. To save an email as a template:

  1. Click the  three-dot menu 
  2. Click Save as Template 
  3. Enter a descriptive name 
  4. Click Save 

Once you save an email as a template, it will stay in the template center unless you delete it from the email templates page. If you delete the original Campaign or Automation email node the template was created in, it will still be available in the email templates page.

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Manage Templates

Click the template icon on the left-hand sidebar, then hover over a template to see commands for duplicating, editing, previewing, or deleting a template. Deleted templates cannot be retrieved, so delete with caution.

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Use a template in a Campaign or Automation email

  1. Click the  Custom tab of the template picker 
  2. Click Use Template

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I don't see my email template!

If you created your email in Sendlane's legacy email builder, it will not appear on the Email Templates page. Templates created in the legacy email builder can still be accessed via the Campaigns page or in Automations.

The search bar on the Email Templates page only searches the text in a template's name. Make sure you are searching for terms that appear in a template's name.

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