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  • How To Integrate BigCommerce and Sendlane

    Take advantage of Sendlane's deep-data integration with BigCommerce to use the valuable data collected in your BigCommerce store to target your Sendlane Audience with hyper-relevant email and SMS

  • Collect SMS Consent with BigCommerce

    Grow your Audience and drive engagement with customers who love your products by gathering their consent to receive SMS messages during account creation for your BigCommerce store! Start collecting

  • How to Use Pop-Ups With BigCommerce

    Sendlane's lightweight Pop-Ups are customizable opt-in forms that can be embedded on your BigCommerce storefront to collect leads without compromising your website's load time! 🚦 Before Getting

  • How to Retarget BigCommerce Browse Abandonment with Automations

    Sendlane's Beacon is automatically built into the one-click install BigCommerce integration, which means as soon as you install BigCommerce you're ready to set up a browse abandonment Automation!

  • How to Retarget BigCommerce Cart Abandonment with Automations

    Recover potentially lost sales with Sendlane's abandoned cart Automation trigger for BigCommerce! Follow the instructions below to set up an abandoned cart Automation for your BigCommerce store. 🚦

  • How to Set Up Back in Stock Notifications for BigCommerce

    Set up back in stock notifications for your BigCommerce store to send Contacts emails when your products are back in stock! It's as easy as creating two Automations and adding a script to your

  • How to Integrate Recharge and Sendlane

    Integrate Recharge and Sendlane to use your Shopify or BigCommerce store's subscription data to target customers based on their activity and preferences! 🚦 Before Getting Started Sign up for a

  • How to Upload and Manage Unique Coupon Collections

    Sendlane's new coupon collection tool allows you to upload and insert unique coupon codes into Campaign or Automation emails. Create and upload as many coupon collections as your marketing strategy

  • Automation Triggers

    What is an Automation Trigger? An Automation Trigger is the first node in an Automation. The Automation Trigger tells the Automation when to start and which Contacts should be sent through the

  • Getting Started with Email Marketing and Sendlane

    Welcome to Sendlane; we’re thrilled to meet you! This guide will show you how to set your Sendlane account up for success with email marketing while safely warming your sending infrastructure. Our

  • Authenticating a Sending Domain

    Implementing domain authentication to a Sending Domain is a way to verify that an email came from the sender listed in the "from" field in the recipient's inbox and that the email was not forged or