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How Do I View the Subscribers of an Autoresponder?

Each Autoresponder email will keep a record of who is subscribed to that Autoresponder and has been sent the Autoresponder’s message. It keeps a running total and does not remove email addresses that have unsubscribed.

To view a list of subscribers that have received the autoresponder’s email, first navigate the Autoresponder email inside of the Autoresponder group in the “Automations” tab.

From here locate the Autoresponder email you wish to check and then select “View Report” from the drop-down menu stemming from the arrow next to “View Mail.”


You will then be brought to the report page. Select “Sent to” from the drop-down menu stemming from the “Subscriber Activity” button. Next, you will see a list of all the subscribers the Autoresponder email has been sent to.