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How Do I Use Grids to Customize My Landing Pages?

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • How to use grids to add more elements to a Landing Page.

Grids can be used to customize any of the Sendlane pre-made Landing Page Templates. They will allow you to add additional elements to any Landing Page Template.

To properly use a Grid, you’re going to want to click on the “Grids” icon to the left side of the Landing Page editor. You will then be provided Grid options to select from, drag any one of the provided Grids to the area of the Landing Page editor that you’d like to place the Grid and your other elements.

When dragging the Grid into the Landing Page editor, you can preview where the grid will be placed because the “Drop Here” logo will appear on screen before you let go of your mouse to place the Grid. You will also see a light gray area appear, this represents what the Grid will provide you when placed within the area.

To add elements within the recently placed Grid area, simply click on one of the elements and drag it to the new Grid area. You will see the same ‘Drop Here’ appear to let you know where you’re placing the element within the Grid.