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How Do I Use My Own Email Template?


If you have your own email template already designed and written up in HTML, you can save it here in Sendlane in the My Templates section of your account.

To do this you will first need to access the My Templates section by clicking it on the left side of your screen.
First you will need to click the green “Create Template” button at the top right. This will bring up our WYSIWYG editor.
Once there, you will need to give your new template a name. Then you will want to click on the “< >” button at the left end of the editor toolbar. This will put the WYSIWYG editor into HTML mode. (When in HTML mode, all other options on the toolbar will grey-out.) At this time you can paste your HTML code from your previously designed email into the text field.

Please note that this is not a template editor. It simply accepts HTML code for you to build the frame work of you template. All editing must me done to the code outside of the submission page unless you are proficient at HTML for email.

Once ready you can click “Preview & Submit” to see a small window of what you template looks like, or simply click “Submit” to save your template to your “My Template” section.

Once you have your template saved you can access it while creating or editing any email in Sendlane. To use the template simply select the it from the “Design” section of your campaign. Click the blue “Select” button under the “My Templates” option. From here view and select from among the templates you have saved.