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How to View/Edit Subscriber Details

Within your account, you have the ability to click any specific user who has subscribed to receive your emails and view more detailed information.

This includes a chronological timeline of each users’ activities(the most recent activity appears at the top of the page):

  • Subscribed to list
  • Unsubscribed from list
  • Email sent (as well as opens/clicks)
  • Event tracked

1. To view any subscribers’ details, head to ‘Subscribers’ or ‘Lists’ in the panel on your left. (If searching within lists, click on the list in concern, select the “subscriber” tab on the right upper corner to see the list of subscriber emails).

2. Utilize filter feature on left upper corner to search for specific subscribers using email, First name, Last name, or Tags.

3. From here, click on the email address of any subscriber you would like to view the details of. You will find the following screen:

On the left, you will find your basic subscriber information, including Name, Email, what lists your subscriber is added to, any tags added, and any custom fields (if applicable.)

On the right is your subscribers timeline. As mentioned above, you will be able to see an activity timeline, and within each email you are able to see how many times a user has opened your email, clicked a link within the message, or reported a complaint.

Edit Subscriber Details

If you would like to edit any of your subscribers information, you can do so by clicking the pen button in the upper right hand of your screen.

From here, you can edit your users name, or add a tag to the subscriber.

Always be sure to click ‘Save’ once you have made your changes.