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How Do I Schedule Email Campaigns?

After designing your Campaign, it will need to be confirmed and scheduled. You will have four options:

  • Now – The Campaign will be sent immediately.
    • With the “now” option you will have the ability to use optimized timing. You can learn more about optimized timing here.
  • Throttle – The Campaign will send out a set amount of emails at a set amount of time.
  • On a Given Date and Time – The Campaign will be scheduled to send out at a specific and set time.
  • Save as Draft – This will save the Campaign as a draft. It can be scheduled or sent at a later time by editing it again.

Once you have chosen an option and saved your work, the Campaign setup process will be complete! You will see one of the following designations next to the Campaign outlining its current status:

  • Completed – The Campaign has finished sending out, the report is ready to be viewed.
  • Sending – The Campaign is currently being sent out.
  • Draft – The Campaign is currently in draft mode and has not been sent out.