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What is Optimized Timing?

Optimized Timing is a feature used to send out campaign emails at times when subscribers are most likely to check their inbox.  This feature is available when scheduling your Campaigns. (Please note: This feature is not available for Workflows or Autoresponders.)

When you use Optimized Timing, our platform tracks open patterns and habits of each subscriber in your list.  This data is used to send out campaigns at an optimized time unique to each individual subscriber, a time when they’ll most likely open your email, over a 24 hour period.

For example: If Subscriber A opens emails in the morning, and Subscriber B opens emails in the evening, the email will send out earlier to Sub A, and later to Sub B.

To schedule an email Campaign with Optimized Timing, simply create an email Campaign as normal. After clicking schedule, you’ll be led to a pop-up page with a rocket preparing to launch!  On this new pop-up, once you’ve verified the recipient list and scheduled a date when you’d like the 24 hour period to start, scroll down and click the “X” button/slider to the right of “Optimized Timing Feature” to turn it on.

Please note: This feature is most effective when the system can refer to data from previous campaigns.  For new subscribers with little to no data on opening times, the campaign will be sent out at the beginning of the scheduled 24 hour period.