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My Templates Overview

The My Templates module gives you the ability to save any of your emails in HTML format to use for multiple emailing modules.

1. Start by navigating to the “My Templates” section from your Sendlane dashboard.

2. Select “Create Template”, or select the pencil icon to edit an already created template.


3. Your template will present in a WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor. Here is an overview of how each icon in the toolbar works from left to right.

    HTML – Add HTML code, or edit HTML code of the template

     Formatting – This allows you to alter the test to be formatted in preset ways, such as Normal text, Quote, Header 1, and so on

      Bold – Formats the text so that it is bold

      Italic – Formats the text so that it is italicized

     Deleted – Strikes through the text

    Unordered list – Creates a bullet/unordered list

     Ordered list – Creates a numbered/ordered list

     Outdent – Inserts an outdent

     Indent – Inserts an indent

   Insert Image – Inserts an image link or file

    Insert Video – Inserts a video, using Embed code only

   Table – Inserts a table, and allows you to add and delete rows and columns

 Link – Adds a link to text

 Alignment – Allows you to align text Left, Center, Right and Justify text

  Insert Horizontal Rule – Inserts a Horizontal rule

    Font Color – Allows you to change the color of the text

  Back Color – Allows you to alter the highlight color of the text

  Change Font Family – Alters the font family of selected text

  Change Font Size – Alters the size of the text

  Change Direction – Allows you to change the direction from right to left to left to right

4. You can also add a personal tag to your template by using the drop down personalization tags menu.

5. Once you have a complete Draft of your email, select “Preview & Submit” to save the template.

6. When creating an email, you will have the ability to go into the My Templates module to view any of your saved templates. Templates can be also be saved from inside the email editor itself. To do so click on the options menu next to the “Support” tab in the upper right of the editor. Then select “Save as custom template.”