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How to Link a Thank You Page and a Landing Page

1. In order to link your Landing Page/Opt-in page to a Thank You Page, you will need to have a Thank you Page and Landing Page created. You can learn how to create a Thank You Page here, and how to create a Landing Page here.

2. After you have both pages created you will need to navigate to the “Landing Page” section of your account.

3. Select the title of the Thank You Page, this will prompt a box to appear containing the URL of the Thank You Page. You will need to copy this URL or save it somewhere it can be found easily.

4. Exit out of the Pop-up and select the “Edit” button next to the title of the Landing Page that you would like to link the Thank You Page to.

5. Select the “Settings” tab in the left-hand navigation menu.

6. Navigate to the “Opt-in Form Integration” tab. Here you will paste the Thank You Page URL that you copied in step 3.

7. Select “Ok” then select “Publish” to finalize your changes.