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How Do I Add a Video to My Landing Page?

A video can be added to any Landing Page.

Some Landing Page Templates are already customized for video, these Templates have a video player image as a placeholder.

1. To add a video to your Landing Page, you must first provide an area for the video to be placed, this is done with a Grid.
2. Click on the “Grid” icon from the left-side of the Landing Page editor.

3. Then, click and drag one of the grid options to the area on your Landing Page where you’d like to place your video.
4. Then, drag the “Videos” icon from the same area to the location where you’ve placed the Grid.
5. Click on the default Sendlane video to bring up a video selection button. You’ll be provided an option to select a video type, the video types can be from YouTube or from an embedded video elsewhere on the web. You can change your video type by using the small drop-down arrow in the video type selection box. You will also have the option to select the Auto Play feature, this is used to start the video upon the page loading.

6. Make sure to save your video.

Please note, you may not see your video image change from within the Landing Page editor.