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What Are Exit Pop-Ups for My Landing Pages?

Sendlane offers what is called an exiting popup for our Landing Pages. What this unique technology does is it creates a popup message to a visitor leaving your opt-in page without responding to your call to action in the way you desired. This message is customizable to incentivize the user to continue to stay on the page or to purchase/ register for your offering.

You can activate the Exit Popup by accessing the Landing page settings of the opt-in page you want to use an Exit Popup for. From this screen, you will want to click the tab labeled Exit Popup.

If you want a popup message to display when a visitor closes or leaves your page without registering click the “Yes” radio button. Then enter the text you want to display to the visitor before they leave. If the user chooses to stay because of your popup, you can redirect them to another page of yours. Click the “Yes” radio button and enter the URL you want them to be redirected to. Then click the “Save” button to finish.

***Please note that many browsers will override the content you put in the exit popup with their own default content. This is something we cannot control.