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How Do I Import a List?

This tutorial will cover the following:

  • How to import subscribers
  • How to map a CSV file
  • How to import via API integration

Please Note: If you would like to import a list, please reach out to our Support Team by clicking on the pink Help tab on the right side of the screen when you’re logged in. All list imports will need to go through our Compliance Process. Once you have gone through our Compliance Process, you will be able to import.

Import subscribers will not trigger Automations (Workflows & Autoresponders).

How to Import Subscribers

1. After reaching out to our support team, and being approved for import navigate to the list you would like to import subscribers to.


2. Select the “Subscribers” button at the top right side, then select “Import”

3. You will be brought to the import page, you will have three different options:

  • Copy & Paste – Allows you to copy and paste contacts in
  • Upload File – Allows you to import a list from a text or CSV file
  • Another Service – Allows you to import a list directly from another service

Copy & Paste

In this section, you can enter subscribers, by copying and pasting their info (First Name, Last Name, and Email) into the provided field.

Upload File

In this tab, you will be able to add subscribers via a text or CSV file upload.

When adding subscribers via a CSV file, you will need to map the columns, so that the information is imported into the proper fields.

After uploading the CSV file, you will be prompted to map each column. The first row of the CSV file will be pulled into the page. From there use the drop-down menu next to each item to assign it to a field.

Here is a screenshot of the file I uploaded.

This is how it was pulled into Sendlane and how I assigned the fields.

If you have a custom field, you will need to create a custom field, using the drop-down menu. Once you select “Create a Custom Field”, you will be able to name the custom field in the right-hand column.

Another Service

In this section, you will be able to add subscribers via API by connecting your Sendlane account to the platform where the subscribers you would like to import are stored.

We offer pre-built connections to Aweber, Get Response, MailChimp, and Active Campaign.

After selecting to either import them into your Sendlane list or import them into a list, that corresponds to the list name in service you are importing to, select “Import Contacts.” You will be prompted to log in to the service selected to import the list.

After using one of three ways to import your list, you import will be processed and approved by the Compliance team shortly. If we need any more information about your import we will reach out to you directly.