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How Do I Create an Autoresponder?

In this tutorial you will learn:

How to Create an Autoresponder

1. Navigate to the “Automations” tab found in the left-hand navigation bar of your dashboard.
2. Select the “Add Automation” button in the upper right-hand corner.

3. Select the “Start From Scratch” button.


4. Select “Autoresponder Group” and then select the green “Next” button

5.  Create a name for your Automation and select the green “Next” button.

6. You will then choose who will receive this Autoresponder group, by selecting “Choose Recipients” in the upper right-hand corner

7. Select a list or tag and select “Save”

Please Note: If you do not have any lists already created, you will need to create one, you can learn how to do so here

8. Next, you will select “Add Autoresponder” near the left side of the screen to create your first email in your Autoresponder’s series


9. You will then be brought to the Campaign Setup Page, name your campaign, and enter a subject for your email. You can use the Personalize drop-down menu to add specific variable tags to your subject line.

10. On the next page, you will schedule your Autoresponder, we will go over this in the next section.

How to Schedule an Autoresponder

1. After creating your Autoresponder group, and creating an individual email, you will be brought to the “Autoresponder” tab on the Campaign setup page.

2. When a visitor subscribes to the list previously selected, they will trigger this Autoresponder Series.

  • Select how many days, weeks, months to send (After subscription date)
  • Select a time to send
  • Select day(s) of the week to send

3. After selecting a time, you will be prompted to design your email, select one of the options to do so.

4. Once you have designed your email, you will need to confirm the Autoresponder in order for it to be placed in “Ready” mode. You can read more about all of the statuses your Autoresponders may be in, in the next section.

Autoresponder Statuses

Your Autoresponders can have 3 different Status stages – Draft, Ready, and Active.

  • Draft – Autoresponders that are in Draft status have been created, but are not finalized and set up to go. They will not trigger off of new subscribers or the set trigger because they are still in Draft status. Each time you edit an individual Autoresponder, it will also revert back to Draft status if it was previously Ready or Active. Make sure you set your ARs back to Ready after editing them.


  • Ready – Autoresponders that are in Ready status have been set up and are ready to go out. They will trigger off new subscribers that opt-in to your List or the set trigger. To set an AR to to Ready status, hit Edit >> go to the Confirm tab >> click “Start Autoresponder”.


  • Active – Once an AR that is in Ready status has been triggered at least once, it will change to Active status. ARs that are Active have been triggered at least once and will continue to trigger off of new subscribers or the set trigger until edited.