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How Do I Create a Subscription Webform?

Subscription Webforms are used to capture emails and other subscriber information on your webpage. You can find the subscription webform builder within the ‘Integrations’ tab on the right side of your screen. To get started, we will navigate to this screen and select ‘Setup’ on the right side of the Web Forms section.

1. From here, you will select “Create a Form” on the top right side of the screen.

2. Name the form and select which list you would like to connect it to and click ‘Submit’.

3. On the next screen you’ll find the form builder. You may use any of the buttons along the left to customize your form, which generates a preview on the right side of your screen.

  • To remove or edit specific fields, you will need to select the element inside the box on the right, then select the red trashcan icon to delete the element, or select the blue edit icon to edit the element.  (Please note some fields such as the ‘Subscribe’ button and ‘Email’ field may only be edited, not deleted.)
  • To rearrange elements in your webform, hover over the field you would like to move until the crosshair cursor appears (), then click and drag the element to the location of your choice.

Additional Settings

Theme & style options – Once you have completed building your Web Form, this tab will allow you to apply various pre-made ‘themes’ to your webform.

Opt-in confirmation email – Here you can enable/disable double opt-in through your Web Form. To do this, check or uncheck the field ‘Send confirmation email to verify contacts want to receive your email.’  If you choose to enable this feature, you will need to fill in the From Name, From Email, and Subject boxes. (Free email domains such as Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo may not be used as your From Email.)

Form settings – This tab is used to review your customized form’s current settings.

Thankyou page & other page settings – This will provide you a preview of your thank you message and the unsubscribe email that will be visible to your subscribers if they choose to unsubscribe.

Integration with your site – Once you are satisfied with the form built, this tab will provide you with options to share your webform, or integrate it into your own website.

There are many ways you can integrate your custom Web Form. You will receive a link to the Web Form that you can use to post the Web Form to social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. There are also different QR Codes sizes associate with your Web Form. Lastly you can copy and paste the Embeddable HTML generated into the appropriate web pages.

You will be able to go back and edit or make changes to your completed webform at any time.