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Shopify Deep Data Integration


There are four main elements to effectively use Sendlane’s Deep Data integration with Shopify, let’s review them to see how they’ll work together.


1. Tracking:
Using Sendlane’s event tracking feature will be a key element to using Deep Data. You’ll want to be sure to take a look at our event tracking article for more information on how you can create a tracking code to place within the Header or Footer of your site.

2. Collection:
Our Tracking Feature will collect a record of your customers’ behaviors on your Shopify store, from the Shopify store visits, to product purchases, and amounts spent; all of this will be captured in real time, so you can view this information whenever you’d like.

3. Segmentation:
Segmenting your customers is where you can take full advantage of the Deep Data integration with Shopify; that way you can narrow down your audience to the exact specifications you want.

4. Personalization:
Here’s where you take your customers experience to the next level. You can use abandon cart links to display products customers did not purchase and even provide recommendations for previous customers using our Shopify Personalization Tags.