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How Do I Add Subscribers to My List?

An important part of getting started is building your list of subscribers. Within our platform there are 6 different ways you can build your list.


1. Import a List

If you’re new to the platform and have an existing list, head over to our Migration page to seamlessly import your contacts.

2. Create a Landing Page

If you don’t have any contacts, that’s okay too! You can choose from one of our customizable templates to create your own landing pages, hosted by us, and start building your lists.

3. Create a Webform

If you have your own website and just need the form, we have a Subscription Webform builder. This allows you to add custom fields and make your form unique to your business, and generates a code for your to plug into your own webpage.

4. Integrate

Sendlane offers 100’s of integration options with other platforms, both native and outsourced. If you’re already using another platform, we can likely utilize it to work with us.

5. Use API calls

For our more advanced users, we have created an index of API calls to directly send contact information from your website or platform to ours.

6. Manually Add

Lastly, if you need to add a contact manually you can do so within any of your Lists.

To do so, you will click the ‘plus’ badge on the right side of the list. The Add Subscriber module will populate here. Fill out all of the contact information and click ‘Subscribe’.

**Please Note: Sendlane is a permission based platform. Each contact you add to your list must have provided consent prior to being added and receiving emails from you.