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How Do I Turn on Confirmed or Double Opt-In?

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • Where to activate double/confirmed opt-in
  • How to Activate double/confirmed opt-in
  • Options available after you’ve turned on double/confirmed opt-in
  1. You can activate double/confirmed opt-in from the settings of a Landing Page. You can find the settings of a Landing Page by selecting the drop-down arrow next to the edit button of the Landing Page you’d like to work on. 
  2. To access the double/confirmed opt-in toggle switch, you must select the “Opt-in form integration” tab within the Landing Page Settings, you will then find the toggle switch just below your List name.3. Once you’ve turned on the double/confirmed opt-in you will be provided a few options when you scroll down you can:
  • Customize the subject line
  • Change the content of the confirmation email
  • Add a URL to redirect your subscribers to a Thank You Page or another URL

Please note, if you have double/confirmed opt-in enabled your subscribers will have to confirm they would like to be added to your List before they will appear on your List.